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This is how a hair analysis is carried out. First of all a sample of the hair is taken from the neck as close to the scalp as possible. The sample should not be longer than 3 cm. A single gram of hair - a bunch the diameter of a pencil - is sufficient. The hair is then placed in an envelope obtained from a specialist laboratory. With the envelope is a form for filling in details concerning the age, sex and hair colour.

As has been mentioned early, cosmetic treatments such as permanent waves or colouring can also affect the mineral content and must therefore be listed as well.

In the laboratory the hair is then prepared, washed, thoroughly dried and dissolved in acid until it disintegrates into its constituents.

The minerals, trace elements and toxic heavy metals can be measured by means of atom absorption spectography (AAS). The readings are fed into a computer, which prints out a precise analysis of the hair.

On the basis of these results Katja Akerberg has devised an extensive diet programme designed to compensate mineral deficits and surpluses.